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The Substation (Singapore) 
SeptFest 2021: In The Margins, festival trailer.

"Beyond just a theme, SeptFest 2021: In The Margins shines a light on the communities that are amongst us but hidden in plain sight. From the Orang Asli to migrant workers, SeptFest in March charts The Substation's thirty-year dedication to amplifying the voices that matter."

Creative Partner:                         Hei Studio (Singapore)

Directed by:                                 Clare Chong

Produced by:                                Moira Loh

Sound Recordist:                         Charles Ong ‘O Rourke & Terrance Tan Music Composer and audio engineer:   Carl Straussner

Fine Art Exhibitions

Wilhelm Neusser: In Flux (Germany)

Exhibition on view: Galerie Knecht und Burster, Karlsruhe, Germany. Jan 2022 - March 2022.

"His landscapes describe nature's constant change, through the seasons and at all times of the day, from light to dark. The atmosphere is just as ambiguous, oscillating between alluring illusion and repellent threat."

Paintings:                              Wilhelm Neusser

Gallery:                                 Galerie Knecht und Burster, Karlsruhe, Germany

Composer and audio:          Carl Straussner

Wilhelm Neusser:  Pastoral Present (Boston, USA)

Exhibition on view: Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, Massachusetts

Jan 2020 - March 2020.

"Pastoral Present is part of a new body of work that highlights the enduring influence of the Hudson River School –and how the artists’ concerns about highlighting and protecting our natural resources are relevant today."

Paintings:                                     Wilhelm Neusser

Gallery:                                         Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA, USA

Composer and audio engineer:   Carl Straussner


James Hammerton: Phobia (South Africa) 

First Showing: The Nunnery, Wits University, Johannesburg, SA. 2011.

"Experimental stop-frame animation blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, exploring themes of phobia and anxiety"

Animation:                                     James Hammerton

Sound Design and Music:              Carl Straussner

Thomas Darsney: Process painting (Salem, MA, USA) 

"Painter Thomas Darsney shows us his painting process in a simple stop frame animation detailing his work process, focusing in this series on the theme - 'Reflections' 

Painting:                                     Thomas Darsney

Video:                                         Thomas Darsney

Guitar and audio FX:                 Carl Straussner


Jordan Escobar (Boston, USA)

Poems:             Abuelo, your voice remains tangled in hill I cannot climb

                        Banjo on Duchesne Ridge, Utah

Published in:   Southern Humanities Review, 2020.

"My Mormon blood roils in the autumn air. Night

clusters around me. Sometimes

the world is shaped

by forlorn melodies, fingers plucking

a rhythm they don’t know."

Poetry:                                        Jordan Escobar

Banjo:                                         Raley Beggs

Audio and FX:                           Carl Straussner

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